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1. Go roller skating at Cascade Fun Center

They shot ATL there! Also, every year they have events that bring all sorts of folks out to slide around on that slick, shiny floor. Word of advice: you might bust your ass trying that old reverse-in-motion trick you used to do in middle school, so don’t get too "turnt."
2. Find and visit the Land Trust

Although it’s pretty easy to locate online, part of the fun is accidentally discovering this completely hidden commune near Candler Park and Lake Claire. The other part include an emu named Big Lou who lives on the property and the monthly "drum circle" performances.
3. Visit MLK’s home

Damn you if you don’t stop by and at least see the porch swing in front of the Auburn Ave house where the greatest Civil Rights icon the world has ever known was born. Damn you in the most nonviolent way possible (“darn you”?).
4. Walk the entire BeltLine

They have tours, and you can break it into sections, but why not spend a day going all the way? Or if you're like us, maybe make a week of it.
5. Eat wings at J.R. Crickets

They’re nationally famous now, thanks to Donald Glover, but they’ve been famous in ATL much longer than Atlanta’s been on-air. Plus the fries are delicious and the prices are still reasonable.
6. See an Alvin Ailey show at The Fox Theatre

You have to pay homage to one of Atlanta’s greatest performance venues, and to better way to do that than buying a ticket to see one of the world’s most famous dance troupes. It’s a great date night, and there're people in tights. Also, you know, the culture and thangs.

7. Take the Coca-Cola Tour

According to the FDA, we’re all going to die of diabetes anyway, so you might as well celebrate Atlanta’s thick, syrupy blood by going straight to the heart that feeds the city’s financial arteries. For extra fun, ask your tour guide what they do in Rahway, New Jersey.
8. Visit the College Football Hall of Fame

It’s time to walk inside that half-built football on Marietta St erected in honor of young athletes who spent spend their college years earning major cheddar for "educational" institutions, and then pray to Joe Namath that your future son or daughter can be the next Cam Newton.
9. Hang in Southwest Atlanta

You can’t pretend to know your ITP if you don’t know what’s in the area (Cascade Springs Nature Preserve, prominent soul food restaurants, golf courses, high schools that produced some of the music industry’s biggest names, etc.) or what SWATS stands for (Southwest Atlanta Too Strong). As Dungeon Family rapper Cool Breeze once said, “These grounds are holeeeey!” Get out from under your elitist nose and go check it out.

11. Drink beers from every local brewery

This is still actually doable since Atlanta’s got a lot more craft beer than it did five years ago, but it isn’t nearly close to its Northeast neighbor Asheville in terms of catalog. If you give it the whole seven days you might be able to knock out the entire list simply by hitting all the Taco Macs in town.
12. Take a selfie at Headland & Delowe

If hearing Andre 3000’s opening bars to "Elevators (Me & You)" doesn’t make you love East Point, you suck. Go there. Take a picture of yourself at the intersection. Leave before you start looking like a mark.
13. Have Blondie crush beer cans for you

It’s crazy. It’s weird. It’ll make you feel alive. And like Blondie, it’ll never get old.
14. See a famous rapper at a local restaurant and let it be no big deal

Waka Flocka Flame is known to have sit-down business meetings at Whole Foods. As Slick Rick would say, this type of s*it happens every day.

15. Go to Flux Night

It’s once a year, and it’s crazy. There are a lot of light-based art installations, plus filthy hipsters, old weirdos, and actual cool people who are all drinking out in the open in Castleberry Hill until the morning’s wee hours.

10 pm: Late-Night Delights

No matter what time of day you arrive in Atlanta, there are a handful of eateries where you can indulge well into the night. This is the home of Waffle House, after all. Meanwhile, Cook Out may not be native to the city, but there are enough locations around town that stay open until 4 and 5 am. Depending on the time of night, you might be standing in line alongside local college students or the post-bar crowd. Fill up with a burger, sides of quesadillas and fries, and, of course, a milkshake for a cheap, late-night feast.
12 am: Revelers Welcome

Every city needs a late-night movie theater and the Plaza Theatre in Poncey-Highland is Atlanta’s. First opened in 1939, it screens independent and classic films, including “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” A screening of cult classic is held every Friday night at midnight, put on by the fan group Lips Down on Dixie. Revelers dress up as their favorite characters and participate in various parts of the $15 show. The theater also hosts special screenings and premieres and has their own cocktail, the Plaza Punch.
2 am: Sing Your Heart Out

Still buzzing from your performance at Rocky Horror, end the night at a nearby karaoke bar. Fam-Fam is set up in the Elevator Factory in Grant Park and stays open until 3 am. You can bring your own alcohol and reserve a room by texting their phone number. Don’t expect to just walk up and get a spot on weekends as reservations are recommended. Karaoke costs $10 per person and a minimum of six guests is required.

Flying solo? Head to 10 High under Dark Horse Tavern in Virginia-Highland for Metalsome Karaoke instead. With a live band for back-up, the brave can take the stage until 3 am most nights of the week. First-timers are free (duets are $20). Arrive early to claim your spot, or sing-a-long from the crowd.
6 am: Catch the Sunrise

If you’re still out, or already up, catch the sunrise on the Jackson Street Bridge, which has the best views of Atlanta and technically never “closes.” You likely won’t be the only one there as it’s a popular spot for snapping Instagram shots. If that’s not enough, the Atlanta BeltLine opens at 6 am so you can start your morning off with a walk through the city’s paved rails to trails pathway. Admire the public art that is found on all corners of the Eastside Trail.
7 am: Fuel up for the Day

Open 24 hours in a bustling corner of Buckhead, R. Thomas Deluxe Grill is the best place for an early-bird breakfast, open since 1985. Speaking of birds, be sure to greet the parrots and other feathered friends that live outside the restaurant. Grab a seat in the colorful garden patio and order a vegetable quinoa bowl and fruit smoothie for a much-needed detox. Nearby, Arden’s Garden is another great option for a healthful kick-start to the day (try the Oops! or Complete Recovery). The Atlanta-based, family-owned juice company dates back to 1995 and now sells its juices in 13 stores as well as supermarkets, coffee and bagel shops, health clubs and more.
9 am: Tour the Town

During civilized hours, there’s plenty to see around the city. But if you’re short on time, focus on the history and important neighborhoods. Start at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to learn about the Atlanta native, then head to Center for Civil and Human Rights in Centennial Olympic Park, which documents both Atlanta’s role in the Civil Rights Movement and modern human rights struggles. From there, join Atlanta Food Walks’ Downtown Southern Food Walk, which weaves regional history and cuisine. It ends at Sweet Auburn Market, a formerly segregated market turned historic food hall.
3 pm: Fast-Paced Playtime

When you’re ready, head back to the area around the airport to finish your trip. The Delta Flight Museum documents the airline’s history from crop dusting planes to international company. And the Porsche Experience Center is home to the luxury car maker’s North American headquarters, complete with a museum, test track and restaurant overlooking the runways.
6 pm: Relax and Rejuvenate

There’s plenty to see and do within Hartsfield-Jackson from the art installations to shopping to the airport outposts of your favorite Atlanta eateries. Don’t miss the award-winning global cuisine and cocktails at One Flew South at Terminal E. Those with access to Delta Sky Club at Terminal E can indulge in a Deepak Chopra-designed treatment at Asanda Spa. Otherwise, check out Xpress Spa at Terminals A and C for massages, manicures and facials before you board.


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